Handmade Arts, Crafts, Decor, Goods, etc. ---- NO DIRECT SALES PERMITTED

(Application Below)

LOCATION:   10214 Honda Hills Rd., Thornville, OH 43076


VENDOR FEE:    10’x10’ = $100        10’x20’ = $180


SETUP:   Thursday October 7, 9:00am - 9:00pm

                  Friday October 8, 6:00am - 8:00am (ABSOLUTELY NO LATER)


EVENT DATE:    Oct 8-10
HOURS:         Friday   10:00 - 6:00
                   Saturday   10:00 - 6:00
                      Sunday    10:00 - 3:00

1. All items must be handcrafted/customized. NO direct sale companies are permitted. 
(Example: Tupperware, Herbalife, Avon, Pink Zebra, etc.)


2. You MUST LIST and SEND PHOTOS of the products you will be selling. Only those products will
be permitted to be sold. This is a family event, inappropriate will not be permitted and will result
in immediate removal from event with no refund.


3. This is an invitational event. Completing an application does not guarantee acceptance as
a vendor. Event promoters have the right to accept or reject any application for any reason.


4. Event is held RAIN OR SHINE. All vendors must be open the FULL POSTED HOURS of the event,
rain or shine. Please prepare your booth for any weather conditions.


5.  You MUST provide an EZ-UP style Tent and Tables for your booth space. Tent must be in good
condition with good appearance, and staked into the ground securely.


6. Tents/Tables/Products are the responsibility of the vendor. We are not responsible for anything
on premises, including what is left overnight or any accidents.


7. NO alcoholic beverages permitted.


8. NO radios, televisions, or other audio devices permitted in booths.


9. NO raffles or other solicitations permitted.


10. Vendor is responsible for collection and filing of sales tax.

11. NO smoking in the vendor area. Smoking only permitted in designated areas.


12. You are responsible for the disposal for trash and waste products. Please help
us keep a clean and tidy event!


13. NO electric is available. NO generators are permitted.


14. NO refund will be given once application is accepted. The ONLY exception is if the event were
to get cancelled for any reason or your application is denied.


15. Any issues with the regulations above, could result in removal from event, and/or affect any
future acceptance to event.


I, on behalf of myself, my company, partners, employees, workers, agree to abide by the rules and regulations and acknowledge that I have received, read, and understand such rules and regulations, and further agree that my entry fee will not be refunded under any circumstances. Undersigned Exibitor/Vendor hereby releases, waives, discharges and covenants not to sue Spring Fest at Honda Hills, 1734 Investments LLC, Honda Hills Fest LLC, Tanner Wilson, Levi Baker, any employees, volunteers, or any entity connected to the parties listed for any liability or damages it may incur by virtue of its use of the premises, including but not limited to claims of theft, property damage or personal injury incurred by me, my company, spouses, employees, helpers, or workers. This release of liability includes not only Licensee’s use of the premises, but also matters arising out of adjacent sidewalks and avenues of ingress and egress. 

This release explicitly and expressly is intended to release the releasees from any and all liability including but not limited to the active, passive, or gross negligence or releases. Exhibitor/vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Honda Hills LLC, it’s directors, officers, agents, contractors, employees, volunteers from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees) arising out of Exhibitor’s use of premises , including but not llimited to claims of property damage, theft from premises, personal injury and death, regardless of whether or not the claim, damage, loss or expense is alleged to be caused in whole or in part by Licensor.

Exhibitor agrees that this is not a lease but only allows the Exhibitor/Vendor to use the space provided for the duration of the event. It is further agreed that any litigation arising out of this agreement will be venued in Muskingum County, OH. Spring Fest at Honda Hills is a juried and invitational event, and we reserve the right to reject any vendor based upon our selection process. Undersigned Exhibitor agrees that it has read, understands, and accepts all applicable rules, and has had the opportunity to contact Honda Hills with any questions prior to contract execution.

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